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Sponsor to fix a dog/ bitch

Donate Rs. 1000 (Approx US$ 15) only

Our chapters in Ranchi, Varanasi, Aurangabad and Patiala (new addition) is working hard in controlling the dog population in all these cities, until 2019 November, in Ranchi – 87,232 Dogs since 2008. In Varanasi – 22746 Dogs (since 2010), In Aurangabad 2249 Dogs since August 2019 and Goa started December 2019. We have been friends with Government, cause we know we can’t go long without Government support and we should work hand in hand with them. All the Municipal Corporations of Ranchi, Varanasi and Aurangbad are supporting the project. However, Government funding alone is not sustainable for ABC as well as rescue work. Hence we have been getting support from many individual donors, Institutional donors like Mayhew International, Help Animals India, Mission Rabies, Worldwide Veterinary Services, Mission of Mercy and many others.

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As a non-governmental organisation, we rely on donations from our kind sponsors and fundraising activities to maintain all our programs and to progress with our new ones.

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We can accept donations in a number of ways

Check or Direct bank debit from any bank in India to A/c – “HOPE & Animal Trust” in Canara Bank – Doranda Branch, Ranchi, Jharkhand (India).
Bank transfer from out of India to our Certified Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act-1976 Bank Account by Government of India – Bank A/c name – “Helping Organisation for People, Environment & Animal Trust” with Union Bank of India – Doranda Branch – Ranchi – Jharkhand (India).
  • Bank Name – Union Bank of India
  • Bank A/c name – “Helping Organisation for People, Environment & Animal Trust”
  • Branch – Doranda, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

To make a USA-based tax deductible donation, please visit Help Animals India – DONATE and recommend “Animal Care in Jharkhand”. Help Animals India is a United States based 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide financial and consultation support to animal shelters in India and Nepal.

Help Animals India, 19215 32nd Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98155 USA

Payment can be done by simply scanning our Google Pay or Paytm QR Codes:

Asia on Foot

by Praveen Ohal

Following his fund and awareness raising trip through South Asia, Mr Ohal has written a book about his experiences. For more information or to purchase the book, please contact us. All proceeds from the sale of the books will go to fund the projects of HOPE & Animal Trust.