About us

About us

Welcome To Wilddale

Who We Are?

Helping Organisation for People, Environment and Animal Trust (HOPE & Animal Trust) is doing the vital work of protecting and saving urban animals from cruelty and suffering. We approach our work with energy, hope and determination every day. We use all the levers of change available for helping animals like- direct care, education, sterilisation, rescue, treatment, rehabilitation and release. Through our education programme we tried to disseminate information among the community and especially amongst children as a humane society could be made through them who are the future. Our efforts have continued in helping animals in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and Aurangabad in Maharashtra. In Ranchi we are continuing our efforts to keep and maintain zero human deaths due to Rabies. We have completed three years of achieving zero human deaths due to Rabies in Ranchi city. At Varanasi we have rescued, treated, rehabilitated and released thousands of animals including cats, dogs, cows, monkeys, pigs and donkeys. We have renovated new animal facility for the dogs in the holy city of Varanasi and in the historical city of Aurangabad. This year, we have initiated animal welfare activities at Patiala, Punjab.

Mrs. Anjali Srivastava

The Chairman and the Wife of Ex-Chairman Late Mr. Jawaharlal Srivastava, (former) IFS Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (PCCF) for Jharkhand. She has been actively involved with the day to day activities of the organisation.

Mr. Praveen Ohal

The inspiration and founder of HOPE & Animal Trust is an honorary Secretary. He has done Graduation in Geology and studied Environmental Science. At the age of 24 he was on a mission on FOOT for almost two years – 11 countries in South East Asia to spread the message of conservation of the natural resources and being compassionate towards all animals. He is a writer of the book, “Asia on Foot”, a travelogue on his adventure and experiences. His skills involve fundraising and Management. He is with vast experience in working with various Non-profit groups in UK and USA.

Mrs. Sushama Singh

One of the founder members of the organisation is a Compassionate Animal lover and now an honorary Treasurer. She is good with children, she is an asset to this organisation for our PR related activities.

Advocate Mr. Abhay Kumar Mishra and Mr Narendra Arora

are other members of the Organisation

Our History

Initially, It took us Six years to mobilise the resources and convince the State Government that Animal Birth Control (ABC) Program is as important as Population control in the world. If we would not have taken this initiative, we do not know how many more years we could have waited to help the animals and people of Ranchi.

What we do

We are actively engaged in Street dog population control and anti rabies vaccination program in Ranchi City. Our concept and idea is based on minimum resources and a fund raising strategy. Earlier Government didn’t had any Animal Shelter hence we approached community members/ leaders/ association to request them for providing space to run the ABC program in their area. We catch and release the dogs in the same area. We notch the tip of the ear to identify the operated dogs and bitches. The diseased dogs are euthanised to prevent spreading of the disease or rabies among healthy dogs.

How Far We Have Come

Since we started, our priority was to reduce the number of dogs by sterilisation and to help the sick and injured. Since we started this vital work in October 2007 we Sterilized (operated) and Vaccinated more than 20000 dogs and bitches until December 2012. Now that we are getting support from other groups we have increased the number of Spay/ Neuter cases to 10000 a year. Year 2013-2014, we are planning to achieve the 10000 Mark.


Mr Tatyarao Ohal & Mrs Asha Ohal

Parents of Mr Praveen Ohal is Inspiration for starting the group and working towards welfare of animals and humans.


Late Mr. Jawaharlal Srivastava

Ex-Chairman India


Mrs. Anjali Srivastava

Chairman India