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Animal Birth Control and Rescue Operations

We, the team of HOPE want to help the street dogs who are diseased and ill, want to control the street dog population and also help reduce number of rabies cases. We all are working members hence we tried our best to run the activity; however our continued efforts, exposure visits, trainings and attendance in various conferences strengthened our knowledge, spirit and also started getting some financial support. Our learning through training's and exposure visits for consecutive seven years taught us many lessons. So we merged the old and new concept of ABC and got the success in starting the program which should have been started seven years before and I think this is one of it's kind in India, we are encouraged always cause we run this activity differently. If we would not have taken this initiative, we do not know how many more years we could have waited to help the street dogs and control their population for their better living in Ranchi City. Our entire program is based on minimum finances and maximum utilisation of local resources. Any one who want to start controlling the street dog population in their city