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Skill Development


Helping Organisation for People, Environment (HOPE) & Animal Trust is a non-governmental organisation working in India. We are a small registered, tax exempted charitable (non profit) group working to improve the lives of Animals and people since year 2000. We are working to improve the welfare of animals, eradicate rabies by controlling and vaccinating the street dogs and save people from dyeing of rabies. Promoting & developing skills of the rural communities to earn extra while farming their land, without quitting farming. Help income-generating activities to establish sustainable livelihood for rural communities for entire year.

Why Are We Needed?

Khunti is the newly created (in 2007) District in Jharkhand state situated in Northeast India, approximately 400km west of Kolkata. Over the past ten years, Khunti has seen an alarming increase in crime and migration due to non availability of job opportunities and not adequate infrastructural support for farming/ vegetable growing or technical/ non technical skill development. In 1998-2000 Praveen Ohal, the founder of HOPE & Animal Trust, raised money to begin this project by walking on foot across Asia and visiting schools to speak about the need for protecting the environment and helping animals and people in need. With the money raised from his trek and support from other international aid organisations, HOPE & Animal Trust purchased about 27000 Sqft. land in one of the villages of Khunti District and began building the infrastructure for animal and human welfare projects: an animal hospital with an education room attached, a shelter for sick and injured animals. Although we have undertaken and continues to undertake a number of activities consistent with its mission in Khunti, the Resource and Treatment Centre is the keystone of its activities for animals and human population, through working closely with the local community, and by providing a high level of assistance. Our goal is to establish a self-sufficient and self-sustaining Resrouce Centre. Jharkhand is one of the states in India with maximum population of tribal people. Most of the tribal population is living in the rural part of the state. The main source of income is agriculture and livestock. Agriculture depends only on monsoon and there is no secondary crop practice. Generally all the tribes are engaged in pig keeping, goat keeping, dairy, poultry etc.

Earlier in year 2005 to 2007 we undertook a program for promoting humane way of dairy farming. This initiative was carried on with the help of our dedicated Volunteers worldwide and the online portal â€" NABUUR. We started working with one Self Help Group of ten (all female group) at our resource centre in Khunti District. Families having cows received one and half year training in maintaining and milking the cows. The plan was to call any one of the family members every day from each of the ten group members. This is to empower/ educate every member of the community to learn each and every aspect of the dairy. Organisation was responsible to take care of Medicine, feed and care. The milk was being sold in the market. The end result is we managed to upgrade the lives of these farmers.

What Is Needed?

Finish Our Training Hall: We plan to construct a Hall for training purpose including Kitchen and Toilets. Government support is available for running various skill developments and training programs. The Plan is to build the hall on the existing facility. Ground floor have an Animal Clinic and facilities for Animals and staffs. It will be low expenditure project where the rural community, mostly youths and young children will be benefited. We are expecting to provide training to at least 30 to 50 youth in the first year on various technical and non technical skills.

>> Cost of construction: Rs. 8,00,000 (approx.)

>> Available Grant: Rs. 3,00,000

>> Request put up for: Rs. 5,00,000

How Can You Help?

You can help HOPE & Animal Trust in Ranchi, India with a general donation and/or specific sponsorship of the construction. All donations will be acknowledged in HOPE publicity materials and on our website. General donations over Rs. 1,00,000 will be acknowledged, if the donor so chooses, by a plaque at the HOPE & Animal Trust site in Ranchi. Specific sponsorship will be similarly acknowledged either at the Dog Shelter or the Animal Hospital, or with the donor’s logo on the sponsored construction part. So, kindly DONATE NOW!