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Promoting humane way of livestock and farm animals management

Although we have undertaken and continues to undertake a number of activities consistent with its mission in Khunti, the Resource and Treatment Centre is the keystone of its activities for animals and human population, through working closely with the local community, and by providing a high level of assistance. Our goal is to establish a self-sufficient and self-sustaining Resrouce Centre on livestock farming in Khunti. Jharkhand is one of the states in India with maximum population of tribal people. Most of the tribal population is living in the rural part of the state. The main source of income is agriculture and livestock. Agriculture depends only on monsoon and there is no secondary crop practice. Generally all the tribes are engaged in pig keeping, goat keeping, dairy, poultry etc.

The Project

>> Earlier in year 2005 and 2006 we undertook a program for promoting humane way of dairy farming. This initiative was carried on with the help of our dedicated Volunteers worldwide and the online portal â€" NABUUR has helped and helping us in achieiving our goal to help animals by helping people.

>> Families having cows recieved One year training in maintaining and milking the cows

>> Organisation was responsible to take care of Medicine, feed and care. But we struggled a lot for funding this program. Project Staff was needed to support this Project.

>> We failed to provide the external support to the community due to lack of resources. Due to which we stopped helping the community.

A Resource & Treatment Centre on Livestock farming

The learnings of our dream project helped us identify the important issue in the community.


The Jharkhand state has 22 Districts. Each District has got 15 to 20 Blocks with 100 to 150 villages per block. Khunti has got only one Veterinary Clinic with just one or two Veterinary Doctors. It is always difficult for block level government veterinary clinics to provide services to all the villages (144 villages) at times of need. Many a times villagers don’t get services at the government clinics, reason the doctors are visiting in the field or closed for holiday.

The sufferers are the animals, tribal people are neither educated nor empowered. Their animals are always left to die without medicinal support/ care, which leads to the spreading of diseases amongst the other animals â€" this is common in Jharkhand. Also due to frustration and for not able to provide medical assistance to the ill animals, they are treated traditionally and left on their fate.